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Spray Foam
Frequently Asked Questions

How is spray foam different from traditional insulation?

The major distinction between spray foam insulation and more traditional forms of insulation such as fibreglass or cellulose is that spray foam insulation serves as both an air barrier and a thermal barrier (with closed cell spray foam even offering a moisture barrier as well).


This means that spray foam insulation provides both insulation and air sealing in a single product, whereas older kinds of insulation do not provide any barrier to air passage. This is critical for forming a continuous and full thermal/air barrier.

What is the difference between “closed” cell and “open” cell?

There are two distinct types of spray foam insulation: open cell and closed cell.  Closed cell spray foam cures into a hard, rigid state whereas open cell cures with a spongy, softer feel to it.  In terms of R-values, closed cell spray foam is close to R1.0 per 0.25mmm. 


Also, closed cell becomes an air barrier at only 0.25mm of application. Another big difference in the two is that open cell is water permeable and closed cell is not.  Open cell also has soundproofing qualities that can help in dampening outside noise.

How is spray foam different in existing homes versus new construction?

On new construction or major renovation projects, we can insulate exterior walls with spray foam or a combination of spray foam and traditional fiberglass batts through a process called “flash and batt.”


 For existing homes, spraying the attic and crawlspace/basement makes a substantial difference and leads to greater comfort and efficiency – without having to also insulate in walls.  Insulating walls on existing homes is a bit invasive, so we can help clients avoid this by focusing on the top and bottom of the thermal boundary of the conditioned space.

How much does spray foam cost?

There are a number of factors that determine price, obviously, but for the simplest answer, spray foam is about twice as expensive as traditional fiberglass insulation. 


Of course, the size of the job, the type of foam being installed, whether or not we need to extract existing insulation, and the fact that some municipalities require the addition of ignition barriers all determine the cost of a spray foam job. 


What you get with that added cost, however, is a high-quality product that, when installed by our properly trained crew, outperforms traditional insulation because it is an air barrier and insulator in one.

 Is spray foam insulation safe?

 Yes, spray foam is safe.  Some people can be sensitive to the fumes that come from the installation process.  This process is known as off-gassing, which is why we recommend that occupants vacate the home once the spraying has begun and for a period of 12-24 hours after it ends.

This will allow for the foam to fully off-gas, and afterwards the home will be completely safe to live in.

What about the “problems” with spray foam?

 If the chemicals are properly mixed within the recommended temperature range, applied correctly, and allowed time to off-gas, there should be no problems with spray foam. 


Unfortunately, sometimes the product is not installed properly, and improper installation can cause moisture issues, comfort issues, and financial strain (if it is not providing the intended energy savings)

General FAQ's

Do you have the right insurance and memberships?

Yes! We are covered for $20 million Public liability insurance along side having all the right workers compensation and other insurances. WE ARE MASTERBUILDER QLD & HIA MEMBERS

What are the terms and conditions of payment?

Spray Foam WA requires 40% upfront payment and 60% on delivery for our insulation services. We offer flexible payment methods of cash, cheque or electronic transfer. We strongly recommend the area is inspected before final payment is made.

Who does the work?

We do not sub-contract any work out. All staff are employed and trained by us and represent just that. The owner is at almost every job to ensure quality and service is achieved and the job is satisfactory all round.

Our Services

With experienced applicators throughout Australia, we specialise in polyurethane spray foam solutions for any residential, commercial, and industrial application.

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Unique Project Solutions

We are not a one size fits all company.  We look at the best options for any project.

Which is why we use insulation batts, cavity wall insulation, and other products depending on the project needs.

As part of the Energy Efficiency Group we are a National Australian company specialising in delivering world leading insulation products and services for any application.

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